We’re obsessed with fitness and the gear that’ll get you into shape and keep you that way. Our reviews will help you find the best equipment to suit your needs and budget.

From seven-day abs to bi-weekly biceps to shredded torsos in no time, the internet is full of promises regarding the magical results of fitness equipment. But let’s face it, getting in shape and staying that way takes the right attitude and the best equipment. We’re obsessed with fitness, and we aim to bring you the very best products that’ll trim, tone, and shape your body. We do this by comparing rowing machines to weight benches and everything in between. Once we’ve found the best products, we review them for you. For you all your fitness needs, Top Fitness Gear is where it’s at.

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We combine users’ experiences with our own to bring you detailed, hands-on reviews of all the best products available on the market. Nothing gets past our fitness gurus, and only the top-rated products make it into our reviews.

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Let’s face it, there’s a huge amount of fitness gear available, but not all of it is safe and effective. Our experts test the best products across the leading brands and consult user reviews before we bring our conclusions to you. We consider a number of different features, including cost and quality, which means you get the best deals on top-quality gear.

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With top product reviews, up-to-date training methods, and other fitness related topics, we’re like your online cyber trainer. We inform, enlighten, and encourage you every step of the way.